Baby Wipes Watercolor Projects

Go buy baby wipes in a plastic container when I’m at the grocery store. Smear different puddles of watercolors — maybe 3 or 4 — on a flat surface. I will try using newspaper for the surface instead of a more costly option because it will probably work. Take a wet baby wipe (here again, cheap should be okay) and wipe up the color, using all the parts of the square. Let dry or maybe not? Option 1: Cut into strips and weave them together just like I did with construction paper in 3rd grade. (Lots of my art ideas originate from the basic arts I did in elementary school. Why is that?) Glue to the front of a card or add to a collage. Option 2: Cut the baby wipe into 1 inch squares. Mix them all up and glue them into another square shape, this time leaving space in between like a mosaic. Maybe glue them on a paper that’s been watercolored. Again use for card or collage or anything else I think of at the time.

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