Construction Worker Birds

Draw a tree with a nice spacious limb for 5 or 6 birds to roost on. (Like the trees 9 year olds draw.) Draw simple renditions of the birds (you can use construction paper for the construction workers if you like. Tear the paper, don’t cut. Have them sit on the limb with their skinny little legs hanging down. Make red and white striped paper knee socks to keep their legs warm and glue them on. Make big, lunky construction boots for their teeny-tiny feet. Outline the boots with a black Micron pen, putting in lots of detail. Encrust the bottoms of the boots with mud, real or otherwise. Cap their fluffy little heads with hard-hats. Make them construction-worker yellow. On the ground below them, add metal he-man lunch boxes. Make them silver with a metallic paint pen. Enjoy. Maybe even have a great big laugh.

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