Perhaps a Doll

After our first spring hike, the paths afresh with sticky mud, I came to think of a sort of doll. Perhaps as mixed media attached to the front cover of my newest altered book. I couldn’t help but go to my fabric store to buy a bit of muslin for the doll’s body and some bright calicoes in yellow and blue for clothing. Some buttons in blue and yellow to adorn a triangle of the skirt. Fabric paints to draw on the face, maybe eyelashes and a wee nose and a mouth, pursed in surprise. I don’t know what to do for the hair — perhaps swirls of different fibers from my stash. I surely have enough to choose from. And decorate her hair with the flowers in my bottle. I bought a tape measure in the junk aisle for 25 cents which I can fashion into a belt. For shoes, I know not what. I have to muse on that. I’ve fiber-fill to give the doll a bit of poof. And I’ll need a background, surely a springtime scene. I have an entire Madison’s out-of-doors to take my inspiration from — grass and greens and bright blue sky and lakes and more.

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