Handwriting Background Paper

Prepare a piece of heavyweight paper — watercolor or cardstock — and dye the paper with tepid tea. Can place the paper in a sink and pour the tea over the paper or soak it, depending on the result wanted. (Use black tea, not green or herbal. They won’t stain the paper.) Also try scattering coffee grounds on paper. Place a piece of paper over that and blot. Then blow or knock off the grounds. Dry. Possibly use an embossing heat gun to speed the drying process, but carefully. Don’t get the nozzle too close.

Now comes the fun part. Cover the paper with slight adaptations of your handwriting — do it large and loopy, tall and close together. Write or copy whatever words inspire you or write nursery rhymes or gibberish. Use different colors of permanent ink and repeat the handwriting, but don’t place the lines on top of the previous writing. Try going in different directions. Print some of the words or stamp the focus word with ink and a rather large alphabet. Try embossing some of the writing with paler colors. Or stamp the paper with a variety of different alphabet fonts. Mix anything and everything. Or don’t mix anything at all. Try different processes on different papers to have several background papers on hand for that quick project when an unexpected brain jog comes my way. Could do this on a few of my journal pages, keeping the handwriting very light.

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