Foil Collage Background

Cover a piece of lightweight cardboard or mat board with a piece of aluminum foil, wrapping it around the edges and adhering it to the backside. Make up several colors of paint by adding half water to half cheapo acrylics. Cheap is the imperative word. The more expensive ones have more pigment and so aren’t as glossy as the cheaper brands. Tear pieces of white tissue paper into abstract shapes. Dip a piece of tissue into a color of paint and glue it to the foil using gloss acrylic medium. Repeat with each piece of tissue, using different colors and making a pleasing abstract background. When completed, brush with gloss medium to give it a shiny appearance. Use as a base for a collage, mixed media, altered art, or whatever.


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  1. Posted by Judy Durrance on January 22, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    I am very thankful for the advice. I have looked over the Google and unable to find something on ‘painting on aluminum foil. I am putting acrylic gel medium on the unshiny side of the aluminum foil and letting it dry on panel board until it is hard. I am not sure about the kind of paints to use though. I am thinking acrylic iridescent paints. Please send advice. Thanks Judy Durrance

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