Kindergarten String a la Bo

Loosely based on an Arts and Crafts Project from Discount School Supply which reminded me of my own kindergarten and first grade art projects.

Put 3 different colors of inexpensive (read cheap!) acrylic paint in 3 cups: try red, yellow, blue, or green, orange, purple, or if adventuresome, try any 3 colors you want. This project can be done on a heavyweight piece of mat board or on paper made for paint. Cut 6-9 pieces of yarn or string about 12 to 15 inches long. Dip two or three pieces of yarn in each color, coating nicely. Then using one piece of yarn at a time, arrange it on the paper, letting one end of the yarn hang off the paper about 2 inches. Don’t think too hard about this step. It really won’t matter how the yarn is arranged, but it’s a good idea to overlap some of them. Keep dipping and arranging until all the yarn is on the paper.

Cover the paper with the attached messy yarn with a second paper. Cover with waxed paper and place a book or other heavy object on top of this conglomeration. Hold the heavy object in place over the papers, and slowly pull yarn pieces out, one at a time. Zig-zag or wiggle the yarn for different, fun effects. When the yarn is gone, the project is done. Well, almost. Look at your artwork — don’t forget there are two pieces of art, top and bottom. Let dry completely before using for background paper, collage or assemblage work. Or cut the paper in 2 1/2″x 3 1/2″ shapes and make artist trading cards. You’ll be surprised with the results.

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