Bizarre Mix and Match Collage

(The background idea is loosely adapted from a creation from ‘Al-Pha-Bet-i-Ca’ by Lynne Perella, pg. 45.)

Crumple a piece of paper — newspaper or plastic wrap or white tissue, even aluminum foil. Smooth and copy on a printer, using the print for the art project. Or try covering any of the prepared materials with a piece of vellum and copy to get a spooky look. Attach paper to a surface, already prepared — painted, antiqued, etc. Use something with heft — mat board, canvas, etc.

Now comes the fun part so grab the attention of your Muse. Try adding unexpected combinations together — the more unusual partners, the better. What about a black/white paper or bright ribbon ‘weaving” on a piece of vintage floral wallpaper? Or a forest and lake photo background covered with pix of nuclear energy reactors and a light green sun?  Remember, odd is good.

Using two pieces of paper (use a fun paper), cut flaps in the top paper like a jeopardy game screen. Set up a game where life from 1977 (30 years ago) is compared to 2007. Try comparing gas prices, before and after results of a sports record or the price of a home or stock in the stock market.

There are innumerable combinations. Bambi and his mother with a tornado in the background. A collage of church doors below steeples and people carrying golf clubs and fishing rods sneaking out the door. (What would the church sign say?) Or the Grand Canyon or other natural chasm with a tight wire ending mid space and a tight rope walker near the end of the line.

Mix or match. Make a series of collages. Think of your own ideas. Remember. Crazy is as crazy does.

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