Children’s Games Cigar Box

Begin by decorating a cigar box, or other such something. Decide on colors of interior — a base color, dried. The a bit of a darker color or a complementary paint. Swish it on rather streaky, wait ’til it’s half dry, and then wipe of about a quarter of the paint, smearing it a bit with a wet baby wipe. Paint darker colors on outside of box — try a layer of red with a couple layers of blue (medium dark and darker.) Then using fine sandpaper, remove paint until bits of red start to show through. For fun, find something to add legs to the box –wooden childrens’s blocks, well sanded and distressed; stacks of dominoes, maybe try 3 or 4, possibly painted in a rainbow of colors or just left alone; upside down Sorry markers; stacked Legos or Lincoln Logs.
Could carry the theme of children’s games both inside and outside of the box. If you can find a set of Lincoln Logs (try thrift store, antique store, flea market or if desperate check on E-Bay). If Lincoln Logs are available, line the outside with logs, leaving room for windows. Put scenes of home interiors in the windows. Did you add children playing? Or another possibility is to line the outside with dominoes — they’re a little easier to find and can use either old or new ones. Decide what pattern to use — all in a row, all numbers together, random. Look in scrap booking stores for heavy paper designed with popular vintage children’s games. (I don’t know about you, but I really dislike my things regarded as ‘vintage.’) Add matching pieces from scrapbook store. If you use these items, scuff with sandpaper, antique and edge all pieces with brown or metallic gold ink. A cat’s eye pad of ink works best for brown and a Krylon metallic marker does well for the gold. Use some sort of alphabet to line a quotation around the bottom, possibly one about the fun of games. I’ll go look in the quote sites and be back.
Use decorated box to hold ‘books’ that are hand done and sized to fit. Tie books (or pamphlets) together with satin of recorated ribbon.
ps I looked through a dozen quotation sites and the best I could do is this: “Fun is the name of the game.”

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