Wooden House Assemblage

Use either a new or found wooden house shape with partitions. The one I have was purchased at a dollar store for $5.00. It is made of pine, has a dormer and 15 partitions each about 2″x3″. It was pre-sanded and well-constructed.

Coat the wood, inside and out, with acrylic paint. I used four colors staggered in the openings. Then painted outside of house with a complementary color. Let dry completely. Then paint a layer of gesso over the acrylic using a foam brush. Streaking or mottling is fine. Use black or white gesso, depending on the mood and intention of the project. I mostly prefer white. Or you can use white acrylic matte tinted with acrylic paint. If you use black gesso, adapt the instructions as needed. While still damp, wipe off gesso to allow paint to be visible – as little or as much as you like. Brush on light contrasting or coordinating acrylic paint on the outside, using a foam brush, letting some of the strokes show. Let partially dry and wipe off some of the light colored paint, allowing some of the darker base to show through.

Once dry, begin layering with a variety of paper in the partitions and on the exterior. I like to use yellow and white pages of telephone books, old sewing pattern pieces, mulberry paper, colored tissue paper or bits of patterned scrap paper. Use a matte medium to adhere the layers of paper, overlapping as wanted. Cut strips of heavy paper with decorative scissors and apply to eaves for a gingerbread or lacy look.

Place found objects, antique game pieces, any little object of interest in the partitions. It is preferable to leave some openings empty. Use a checkerboard stamp (or other rubber stamp) with Staz-On ink to finish exterior.

Optional: you can attach ribbon, fiber, etc. to the front wood edges that form the openings.

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