Bookmark Doll for Altered Book

This doll bookmark is made so the head will peek out of the top of the book, and its legs can hang about 4 inches down from the bottom. It is a fairly flat doll so it will not be very bulky in your book.

Begin from the legs and work upwards to the head. Make legs from a flat trim, at least a half inch wide, found in a fabric store, a tape measure, cotton cording wrapped in 1 inch strips of colorful torn cotton or muslin, or 3 different types of fiber or ribbon braided. You can cut the fabric for wrapping the cording, but the torn edge provides a distinctive textural look. Cut lengths for legs that extend from the top of book to 4 inches below. You can leave the ribbon at the bottom plain or knot it for feet, even tie a bead on each one.

Make arms with similar items recommended for use as legs, although I suggesst using a different medium than the one you used for the legs. Make arms the length of the book. Since these will be inside the book, use a flat material. Look for unusual beads –two smallish, rather flat ones to tie on the ends for the hands.

For the body use a patch pocket cut out from old clothing or sew a simple pocket. Denim jean patch pockets are fun. I like to embroider on the front and add a few embellishments, but it’s not necessary. I’ve used ribbon, fibers, appliques, buttons, lace and beads to spruce up the body. Then fill pocket slightly with fiberfill or other stuffing. Pin the legs into the open side of pocket and sew, securely fastening the legs into the body.

Attach arms to top corners of the pocket and you can cover with lace, shawl, epilauts, etc. if desired.

Be creative making the head. Consider using flattened bottle cap, one inch diameter button, flat wooden circle, a large washer from the hardware store wrapped with light gauge wire or embroidery floss. Since the head is above the book, it can also be 3-D like a large wooden bead or a wad of cotton balls wrapped with wire or floss. Attach head to top of pocket, either by sewing if possible or by gluing with a strong glue appropriate for the material you are adhering.

Adding a face is optional. I often do not bother with features on 3-D heads, but I sometimes cut out a picture or photograph of a face to put on the flat surfaces. For hair I top the head with a material such as curly excelsior, unraveled 3 ply yarn, or multiple strings of crochet chains.

To personalize your bookmark, add other embellishments. Sometimes my doll sports a tiny straw hat or plastic ‘jewel’ beads at her ears for earrings. I have made a long scarf to wrap. around her ‘neck’. This is a project that I find hard to finish. I can always think of just one more thing to add.

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