Primer on Altered Cardboard Slide Mounts

A slide mount is customarily used to make 35mm photos into slides. It is a piece of cardboard, usually white, which folds in half. There are windows in the center once the mounts are folded. The size and cost of cardboard slide mounts make them a quick and easy addition to collages, mixed media, altered art and altered books. I use self-seal 35mm white cardboard slide mounts, usually found at a camera specialty store, on the internet or very occasionally you can get old, used ones at an antique store or flea market. Plastic mounts were available in small numbers at scrapbook stores not so long ago, but they were expensive and in bright colors and they were plastic. I work mostly with cardboard as it accepts the many media I use. Plastic doesn’t.

I’ve used General Brand, 500 mounts for $21.95 from, order # GBSMSS35500. 500 slide mounts seem like a huge amount, but if you split the slides and cost between artist friends, a lot of 100 costs $4.50 or 4 1/2 cents a piece. It’s amazing how fast these little guys will turn into art , so don’t worry too much about a somewhat large quantity. There are many suppliers on the internet, so you may wish to check out other photo supply sites for a smaller number at a better price. I haven’t found one, yet.

As I said, these are super easy to use. Decorate only one half of the outer cardboard. Then position a small square of art you have made into the window and self seal.

In my next post, tomorrow, I will give a half dozen suggestions of completed projects to get you started.


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  1. I love this whole altered art thing. I just keep buying and buying stuff but have this block / fear to actually DO something with it.

    I was at a garage sale and thought I was getting something else when I picked up these Kodak boxes – slide mounts. I was excited and thought they were the metal frames but when I opened the boxes they were these white 2 part squares with a perferation in the middle. 1/2 is a forest green and one side has a little lip and a window square opening. There were like 4 or 5 little boxes and I snatched them up. Even though they were different – I was still excited and got them very reasonable. I didn’t (still don’t) even know what I’ll do with them other than on one of them – I attached fabric, cut the x in the middle, wrapped the flaps thru and glued them down to make a holiday fabric covered mini frame. That was as far as I got but it was “AN” accomplishment of a baby step to do SOMETHING! lol. I also hit up a recycle / sale center here in my area. Companies will donate the “extra” parts from cutting / punching out something, envelopes, papers, this and that. Hallmark is near by and donates some things. You never know what might come in but there are dry spells of the same things. WELLLLLLLL……a few weeks ago I was there on a Saturday and a special was going on where you fill a plastic grocery bag for $7.50 Now since some things are like .01, .10 and etc. It just depends on how much you can get in your bag if it is a good deal. OK, let me tell you – I spent so much time placing the things in my bag and boy did it stretch but you couldn’t stick out over the top. You know the BIG plastic (like pickle jars) that pretzels come in? Well get this! besides my papers, and etc….I managed to fit all FIVE ** yes 5 ** jugs worth of actual old 35mm slide negatives into my bag. Every last slide there. Just guesstimating I think there are about 2,000 and many have writing on them. Many are from all over and some VERY old.

    It’s AWESOME and now I need to know WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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