More Slide Mount Altered Art (Also can be used on ATC’s)

Another six projects.

7. Stars
Sponge color on the edges of several slide mounts, using sea sponge, make-up sponge, crumpled plastic wrap, crumpled wax paper or simply a wad of paper towel. Use 1 – 3 colors. Decorate with metallic stars, either lick-on or self adhesive paper stars, or metal stars. Place them on each corner. Cut a picture from a magazine, etc. and photocopy onto cardstock. Use the copy on your slide mount; it will hold up better. Photos of planets, moon, etc. work well, but use anything you wish. Use the slide mount as a view finder and choose part of picture you want visible through the center. Affix to interior of mount and seal. If you have made several, arrange them together. Wire works well to hold them in place — two wires on each side.

8. Handwriting
For a different look, write 3 or 4 lines in long hand, about 6 inches long. Perhaps you’ll write something original, a poem or a quotation. Choose from a variety of papers and writing tools. I have used Conte pencils with good results, either burnt sienna or raw umber. Or try Sharpies or gel pens, or silver or gold metallic on black paper. This amount of handwriting should cover at least 2 slide mounts. Glue the handwritten paper on the slide mount. For the center, consider using a faux or regular postage stamp or maybe a tiny hand from a bead shop.

9. Option for #8
Use the handwriting technique described in #8 to do 4 slide mount fronts. The handwriting can be all the same or use different papers and mark makers. Fill each center with a canceled postage stamp. Cut a square background of heavyweight paper with room enough to affix the 4 slides. Before adhering stamps, use a watercolor wash on the background. Wrap twine, string, hemp, excelsior or whatever, around the square background paper. You can stamp the wrapped twine surface with permanent ink for additional color. Mount the completed slides and hang with whatever cord you used. Sometimes I forgo hanging, and add to a collage, mixed media piece, or simply stand on an easel.

10. Playing Card
Use the back of a playing card to cover the front of a slide mount. Use any card available. I find it fun to use a standard, patterned print in blue and/or red. (Bicycle Brand) If no ards are available, you an purchase a two-pack at a dollar store for a buck. Cut out a heart, diamond, etc. for the center. Glue a penny or a bingo marker or bingo number to the corner of the mount.

11. Gingham
Cover a slide mount with either gingham fabric or gingham paper (found in a scrapbooking shop.) Mount a piece of fruit in the center — some suggestions are a magnet, a miniature photo, or a sticker. Wrap a matching rick-rack or ribbon around all sides, as if you were tying a package and adhere to back.

12. Movies
Copy a miniaturized photo of a favorite star (Johnny Depp? Bing Crosby? Paul Newman?) 8 to 10 times. Overlapping, glue the tiny photos on the entire cover of a slide mount. You can use sepia for the copy paper or color the faces with chalk or water soluble oil pastels. (Just color the same feature on each copy — blue eyes or red cheeks or blonde hair.) Fasten movie ticket to center. Cut letters from newspaper of magazine or use adhesive letters in contrasting colors to write FAME on the bottom.


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  1. Posted by kathy christy on January 28, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    help,i would like to use a slide on an is it done? the type with a picture and you used to view thru a little plastic thing held up the light.thanks Kathy

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