Still More ATC Inspirations

When my fishy-cards came out I got a lot of responses from everyone. Now I am going to throw out some different topics and you can see what your Muse has to say about experimenting. (I bet she’s all for it.).

1) For you science enthusiasts out there. (We DO have some science lovers, don’t we?) Obtain an old copy of Gray’s Anatomy, or any other book that details the insides and the outsides of a human body. I’d look for something in the used book store. When I went to check availability, I found four different sources. As a suggestion, do a pen and ink rendition of a tiny part of the body, using as much detail as you can. Consider hatchings for shading and contrast. Or you can use your favorite medium. So what will you try? Heart? Brains? Skeleton? Big toe? It’s up to you and your Muse. You can always do these as a set or individually for trading.

2) Use photography to capture your favorite hobby or subject. Take a series of shots. (Me? I’m always looking for gates, some unusual, some just regular.) I have friends who do their series’ in lighthouses, windows, and unusual signs. Anything that interests you is a perfect subject. Don’t fret about the subject, just go take some pictures.

Modify with PhotoShop or other graphics program if you want. Although I never use a software program BECAUSE I don’t own one.  It could be interesting to do all the photos in one tint, do them in sepia, or use one of the artist medium tools.

Reduce image size to 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ or smaller if you will use them for artist trading cards. You can either cover the entire card, or use only a part and add a different technique for the uncovered part.

5) Do some ATCs in a puzzle piece style. Use heavy weight paper or medium weight board for the background and to support the puzzle pictures. Use a magazine or a graphics designer catalogs. Designer catalogs, about two inches thick and full of varieties of photos and drawings, are great fun to use. Go to the used book store for these, too. They may seem a little pricey but examine the book and think of all the possibilities. Anyway, you figure out how to make the puzzle pieces. Are they going to make a picture, maybe a small part of a well-known logo? Maybe you’ll do a play on colors from magazine pix? Or only scatter a few pieces on the card, or let a puzzle piece be absent?

So go play. Let me know how you are doing.

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