In Studio Faux Wax Seals for ATC or Altered Art

Faux wax seals without using expensive wax sticks at 2 dollars a pop can be made with inexpensive glue for a glue gun. This solves the problem of having to purchase or fool with a melting pot, which  I always see as a favor in my direction. I don’t mind messy, but I do mind wax messy.

For this project I use a low-temp mini glue gun and glue sticks, usually clear ones. You can use any size glue gun you want, just make sure it’s low-temp. I find the smaller one easier to control. If you prefer your stamp to not be clear (who doesn’t?) I can usually find red, green, silver and gold glue sticks near the holiday season at Michael’s. The colored glue sticks make it super easy if that’s what you want – one of those specific colors, or there are suggestions for color coming up.

You’ll also need a Versamark stamp pad, embossing powder, UTEE, something to use as a stamp – brass, metal or rubber stamp – and a base to work on. I use a porcelain dinner plate I found at a thrift store for a buck-fifty. Maybe you have available a ceramic tile that you don’t need any more or pastry paper works okay.

Obviously, you’ll stick the glue in the glue gun and warm her up. Next squeeze a glob of glue onto your surface. You can ice your stamp if you want , because a colder stamp is easier to use, just be sure to wipe ALL the moisture off. Ink your stamp with Versamark so it doesn’t stick to the glue. Set stamp into glue, don’t push it down or you’ll go straight through the glue and have a mess. When glue is set, gently pry stamp from the glue. Voila!

If you are using clear glue and you want a color, mix embossing powder into the glue glob before stamping using a toothpick, but work quickly before the glue sets up. **You can also use alcohol inks for color. (**Thanks to Melissa’s comment for this suggestion.)

Remove the seal from your work surface by gently prying a bit of the seal with the tip of an X-acto knife or other sharp instrument.


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  1. Posted by Melissa on August 30, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    You can also use alcohol inks to change teh color of clear glue….

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