Hardware Finds Part 2

Here is a continuation from the previous post.  Keep looking. There’s more to find.  Remember small independent hardware stores often have treasures that you don’t see in the big-box stores.  Think global, buy local.

Ball chain, with or without connectors, for attachments.

New paint cans – hardware stores stock plenty, waiting to be filled with custom paint orders.

Multiple edged ( adhesive) plastic scrapers to add texture to wet paint or texture paste.

Wallpaper samples.

Contact paper (both for transfers, and for color and design).

Adhesive numerals and letters or house numbers in a variety of materials (metals, wood, laminates).

Signs for larger projects – no trespassing, do not enter, private, etc. I’ve been seeing danger signs with the ‘D’ removed for the word anger.

Mailing envelopes that can be gessoed and used as ‘canvas’. Tyvek is a strong treated paper (often Fed-Ex or UPS envelopes are made from this.)

Paper or plastic label tags or metal-rimmed circles.

Plastic or wooden plant markers in garden department.

Tassels found in window shade department.

Sheets or rolls of adhesive cork.

Now look around a little longer. What other ideas can you come up with?

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