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Fall Garden ATCs

A few garden ATCs for the beginning of the fall season.

Butterfly garden. Choose two colors of acrylic paints. Dry brush one color horizontally, leaving mostly white background; dry brush the second color vertically in the same manner. Don’t be neat here, just streak the background with some color. I used a sage green and a Wedgewood blue. Heat emboss 3 layers of UTEE over dried painted surface. (Stamp with VersaMark stamping pad, cover heavily with embossing powder – UTEE – and melt with heat gun.) I used a clear UTEE with blue sparkles. Ready a rubber stamp of a flower or garden-y item before applying the last layer. Immediately after melting the last embossing layer, ink and stamp pattern into still wet UTEE. Imprint will remain. Don’t stamp in the center; position off center. I used a medium blue Staz-On ink. I had a page of butterfly pictures, mostly done in light browns with highlights of blue, and collaged a rather large one onto the card at an angle, covering part of the (sun)flower.  I trimmed the butterfly parts that extended over the edge to fit the page and finished the surface with several coats of matte acrylic medium. (Use whatever picture you have – magazine cut-out, clip-art, digitalized image.)

Fall prairie . In September the tall grass prairies brown, and yellow goldenrod and purple aster flourish. I prepared the background of a 2 1/2″x3 1/2 ” white tagboard with a prairie blue sky – quite a vivid blue. I’ve been stockpiling fibers for years, and chose 5-7 kinds that reminded me of golden brown prairie grasses – variegated browns, golds, yellows; silky, fringed, twisted; and of medium and smaller diameters. I added some pale yellow baby yarn. I randomly applied these fibers to represent the prairie grasses: some erect, some blowing slightly; some stretching from top to bottom, others cut into smaller pieces, layering heavier towards the bottom. The look is rather a haphazard, natural one. I attached the heavy fibers using a spray adhesive and I finished the card by dabbing yellow and purple dabs of acrylic paint ‘flowers’ along the bottom inch using a cotton tipped applicator. Obviously this card cannot be protected by sealing, so I have mine in a clear protective card holder.

Simple Sunflower   Draw large black (or brown) ink sunflower near the center of card, stretching the petals off the two sides. I used a garden flower picture for a model and added as much life-like detail as I could, using mostly a dotting technique, rather like inked pointilism.  I did nothing else, except protect with two layers of matte medium and add an orangeish-rust faux wax seal to an upper corner.  A very simple, but appealing card.


Backgrounds – Artist Trading Cards

Backgrounds – Artist Trading Cards

• Date stamp. Use heavy=weight watercolor paper cut to size. Add backgrounds with watercolor wash, cheap acrylics thinned in half by water or light-colored blotted ink. Using date stamp (office store) cover background with date. Straight reading line text, angled text, rows, whatever.
• Dry brush acrylic paints onto background, hatch strokes. Soften edges by adding wisp of paint with very dry brush. Same color or complementary or neighbor.
• For a shimmery background, mix pigment embossing powder with clear powder. Using large rubber stamp with lots of detail, ink with Versamark Stamp Pad, then stamp and emboss. Shimmery, glossy effect.
• Unusual background. Use partially stretched cheesecloth on ATC, either covered, nearly to the edges or overlapped. Attach with staples – colored staples if you have them.
•   1)Antique embossing. Some time needed. Use watercolor paper #120. Choose a stamp design that fits nicely on ATC – try mosaic, floral, antique designs. Or you can use smaller design and repeat. 2) Stamp design with clear embossing ink, sprinkle with clear powder and melt with heat gun. 3) Apply acrylic paint over entire surface and let nearly dry and then gently scrub paint from embossed area using damp terry cloth. 4) Add metallic rub-on for added dimension.

Embossed ATCs

Cut out 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ card from mat board or other sturdy background or use a playing card covered with several layers of white gesso or paper. Let dry if you have used gesso. Dab thinned acrylic paint (half paint, half water) onto card using wadded plastic wrap. Use 2 or 3 colors and cover much of card. Then emboss the card, using a contrasting embossing powder. Use a large-patterned stamp or a large stamp covered with words. If using words, stamp in lines as if the marks are being read, upside down, right side up, or a combination of both. Using a medium sized rubber stamp with a simple image, stamp once over the embossing. Add vintage or found object for final layer.